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Everyone warned!

With iurslt you get rid of sending reminders to everyone. You can schedule them to send themselves whenever you want. There are no more excuses for not attending, finally reduce absenteeism

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Custom Chatbot

Your own bot that can automatically respond to what you want, saving management time, delivering a more satisfactory, modern and simple service to your customers.

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Schedule list!

Before you think who you will see today, iurslt will already have confirmed appointments. Use the panels to organize yourself, it will be your space so you don't forget anything.

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Technology with your essence

We know how important the connection with people is, that's why you can customize all iurslt solutions, in this way, customers will feel your closeness but with professionalism.

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unlimited messaging

You can send all the reminders and messages you want to all the contacts you want, that's right, we don't charge per message.

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We created iurslt to solve the inconvenience of reminders, mainly saving us time, which we know leads to unnecessary worries and we want to share this solution with you. As a team we will be there for you on every occasion, if you want write us by WhatsApp or Instagram and we will answer you as soon as possible. In addition to the service, we offer you:

  • Support
  • Closeness
  • updates
  • Import and export
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*24 hour support. via whatsapp or video call
* Messages refers to each message sent, by campaigns or bot.
* Devices: indicates the number of telephone numbers that can be linked to the system.
* Phonebooks: amount of Phonebooks that you can upload to the platform.


Frequent questions

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Can I have iurslt on my phone?

Yes, iurslt accompanies you wherever you go because it is necessary at all times. To do this, you only have to open iurslt .com from your phone's browser and the format adapts to it.

Why is it cheap?

Because we want to provide a service that is accessible, we have personally encountered the problem that the organization software available is very expensive.

How do I pay with iurslt?

In Paypal it is very simple, because after creating a Paypal account, you can enter your debit, prepaid or credit card and pay directly. It is totally safe, you can recharge your balance so that your account is always active. If you ever have any problem, we have no problem helping you.

Is my card registered?

No, it is impossible to access the personal data of bank accounts and cards. We use a secure method of payment.


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